Anti-Police Advocate Discover Importance Of Police 

Daily Report April 25,2024

In a classic example of “what goes around comes around,” a prominent “defund the police” advocate is requesting the protection of the New York Police Department.

Columbia University’s assistant professor Shai Davidai is calling for police to protect him from pro-Palestine protesters amid the ongoing protest on campus. Davidai shared an X post where he called on the school authority to allow him to lead a counter protest against the anti-Israel protesters. Part of the demands he made from the school includes police escort to consist of officers from the New York Police Department.

“I plan to go tomorrow, Monday morning, and sit peacefully right in the center of the illegal encampment that you have allowed the pro-Hamas mob to establish in the middle of campus,” the professor wrote. I will be joined by several Jewish and Israeli students, faculty, and staff. I am requesting approval to have a police escort of at least 10 cops with me.”

Davidai’s anti-police rhetoric soon came to hunt him after author and filmmaker Mike Cernovich pointed out his anti-police post from the part.

“Aren’t you worried that the evil racist police will shoot people?” Cernovich wrote on an X accompanied by the professor’s past anti-police post.

Davidai, in 2021, shared a post where he suggested that police officers are racist, killing black men disproportionately.

“Lawmakers give police officers the ammunition which they then use disproportionately on Black men. Should we hold lawmakers accountable?” Davidai wrote in the 2021 post.

Another X user accused the professor of creating the unsafe conditions that he now fears.

“Shai, there can be no justice until you + many others in our Jewish community take accountability for creating these conditions by supporting this lawlessness in the name of ‘social justice,’” the user wrote. “The retribution you advocated for is now swallowing you whole. Reversing course means much more than mean emails unfortunately. You will have a real chance by encouraging voting that is opposite from your lifetime record.”

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