J.D. Vance Blast Biden And Democrats On Campus Antisemitic Protest 

wp_blank Daily Report April 23,2024

Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH) blasted Democrats and President Joe Biden over the ongoing antisemitic protest going on at elite universities across the nation.

Elite colleges like Columbia and Yale have seen violent pro-Palestine protests that have seen many destructions and arrests, including that of Rep. Ilhan Omar’s daughter. Vance, while speaking on Fox News, told host Jesse Watters that parents pay to get a good education for their children but are getting indoctrination instead.

“This is the convergence of two factors that the left has been openly cultivating for years now,” Vance said. “On one hand, you have well-educated, limousines, self-hating liberals who get very good educations, but really they’re getting very good indoctrinations — they’re not getting an education in anything. And then, on the flip side, you have the importation of millions of people, some of whom are vetted and some of whom hate this country. Those two forces are joining in Columbia and in Yale and producing this incredible campus violence.”

Vance insisted that it is time Biden called the presidents of the colleges and asked them to end the protest. The lawmaker then insisted that the violent protesters must be arrested.

“Obviously, we condemn antisemitism, Jesse, but I don’t care what you are underlying ideology is,” Vance continued. If you’re harassing fellow students, if you’re preventing people from getting to class, if you’re stabbing your fellow students in the eye with flags, you should go to prison. I don’t know why Joe Biden and the Democrats can’t just utter the simple basic truth that if you violate the law, if you set up a tent city, if you turn our cities or campuses into garbage dumps for your political protest, you need to be forced to comply with the law. That’s what we did in the sixties, and that’s what we need to do today, or it’s gonna keep on getting weirder and weirder.”

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) also condemned the violence, noting that Jewish students were going through the same experience as black students in Little Rock, AR.

“I also look back to Little Rock, AR, and what it meant for African Americans to be escorted on campuses because they were afraid for their lives,” Adams said. “And that is what I see when I see Jewish students going through this at this moment. There is no place for hate in this city. I don’t care if it’s antisemitism, Islamophobia, anti-Sikhism. We don’t have a place for that, and I don’t want to be, and I won’t be the mayor where you have to take off your hijab, your yarmulke, or your turban when you enter a place of higher education or use our transportation system or walk our streets.”


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