Trump ‘Terrifyingly Competent’ Campaign Scares Liberals 

Daily Report April 09,2024

Former President Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign is sending fear into the hearts of his opponents in the media, with one reporter noting that the former president’s campaign is “terrifyingly competent.”

Vanity Fair writer Gabriel Sherman, in an interview with “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, noted that Trump’s 2024 campaign is way more different than it was in 2016 and 2024.

“The big story in 2016 and to some extent 2020, was that his campaign was a soap opera. It was clashing personalities, it was nonstop drama,” Sherman said . “This cycle, the thing I’ve been struck by time and again, is that it is a low-drama campaign. Operatives don’t want press, don’t want their egos out there. They’re focused on getting Trump to the White House in November 2024.”

Sherman, who recently wrote a Vanity Fair article titled “Inside the Terrifyingly Competent Trump 2024 Campaign,” suggested that Trump is so focused on winning in 2024 because that is the only thing that will keep him out of jail.

“As I write in the piece, his freedom is at stake, really, the only thing that is guaranteed to keep Donald Trump out of jail is becoming the next president of the United States and appointing an attorney general who will get these charges thrown out,” Sherman continued. “It’s really that simple. I think that is really why you see Donald Trump so focused. Yes, he says incendiary things on the stump, but when it comes to the mechanics of running the campaign, it is a much different operation.”

Jason noted that the former president’s campaign has worked to kick traitors and backstabbers out of his circle. He also noted that Trump’s campaign has worked to get the state GOP in line with his plans.

“This is a candidate who does create his own controversies, but, you know, that really is baked in now, I think, to his brand,” Sherman said. “I think the mechanics, the underlying ground game, you know, the getting the state parties in line, getting the Republican national committee in line is really, I think, what is fueling this success he’s had on the campaign trail. Now, apparently, he’s got the money behind him, as well. Jason Miller said if they win the election, the White House will be staffed only with loyalists. They’ve weeded out the backstabbers.”

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