Ronna McCdaniel To Sue After Ouster 

Daily Report March 28,2024

Former Chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC) Ronna McDaniels is considering a major lawsuit following her recent unwarranted ouster.

According to Politico, the former Republican heavyweight is considering a lawsuit against NBC News after the network fired her just three days after hiring her.

McDaniel recently signed a two-year contract with NBC News. The contract will see her appear on the network as a contributor to both NBC News and MSNBC.

However, Rona became a target for her new colleagues, who attacked her credibility and pressured the network to fire her.

According to Breitbart News, former Meet the Press host Chuck Todd launched the champagne to get McDaniels fired. Hosts Joe Scarborough and Rachel Maddow joined the campaign, which resulted in McDaniel’s firing.

Reports on Politico showed that McDaniel is not taking the firing lightly, with the former RNC chief set to sue the network for the $600,000 she was supposed to earn over the two years of the contract. Sources close to Mcdaniels said she is also considering suing the network for defamation and hostile work environment after her NBC colleagues embarked on a multi-day campaign against her.

“She (McDaniel) and her allies are, unsurprisingly, furious about how everything went down, believing she was misled about how much she’d be welcomed into the fold by executives who had aggressively recruited her,” Politico wrote. “Most of all, they’re furious that the network did little to push back on a multi-day campaign against their new hire on their own airwaves. Host after host cast McDaniel as an enemy of democracy.”

Sources told Politico that McDaniel on Tuesday spoke to Bryan Freedman, a famous attorney known for representing on-air talents against significant networks. Freedman represented podcaster Megyn Kelly when she and NBC parted ways. Freedman also represented former Fox News Host Tucker Carlson and former CNN anchors Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon when they parted ways with their former networks.

“The part that pisses me off most about this is not necessarily that they folded; it’s [that] they allowed their talent to drag Ronna through the mud and make it seem like they were innocent bystanders,” a person close to McDaniel said.

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