OnlyFans Creator Expose Biden

Daily Report April 30,2024

One OnlyFans creator has opened up on how people close to President Joe Biden’s administration paid her to spread political propaganda on behalf of the administration.

Farha Khalidi, TikTok star and OnlyFans creator, told commentator Richard Hanania that people close to the Biden administration were buying adverts from her.

“I was doing full-on political propaganda,” Khalidi told Hanania during a podcaster appearance.

Khalidi revealed that the people who paid her told her not to disclose the fact that she was running propaganda for the Biden administration.

“The funny thing is they’re, like, ‘Do not disclose this as an ad’ because they [were], like, ‘Technically, it’s not a product, so you don’t have to disclose it’s an ad.’ Because I think they just wanted, like, some edgy girl of color to just tell people — like when they nominated Ketanji Brown Jackson, they’re, like, ‘Can you say like as a person of color, you know, that you feel reflected?’” Khalidi repealed.

While the TikTok influencer did not disclose the identity of the person who contacted her, she revealed that the person was White. Khalidi added that she turned the job down because she didn’t want a White person telling her how to feel.

“And I’m, like, ‘No,’ and she’s like, ‘Please,’ and I’m like, ‘No.’ I’ll talk about the news of it, but I’m not gonna be like — I’m not gonna have a white person tell me to be, like, ‘This is how I feel as a person of color.’ It’s just so — I think that black-pilled me slightly on political propaganda,” Khalidi said. “It’s not Biden, but it’s, like, a third party. You know what I mean? It’s, like, a media company that’s doing it on his behalf. I’m not blaming him for this,” Khalidi said.

She, however, maintained that even if the person who contacted her had been a person of color, she still wouldn’t let them tell her how she should feel about Kentaji Brown’s nomination.

“Yeah, they’re basically, ‘As, like, another black person, can you just say that you feel reflected by Ketanji?’ I’m like, ‘No, I’ll talk about Ketanji’s background and her accomplishments,’ but you know what I mean? I’ll never — I’m not gonna say, like, the corny stuff, even if it was a brown person emailing it to me,” Khalidi added.

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