Newsom Gets Mocked For Outrageous Claim 

Daily Report May 19,2024

Democrat California Gov. Gavin Newsom is getting slaughtered on social media following an outrageous claim he made about homelessness in his state.

Newsom, while announcing a $3.3 billion fund to combat homelessness in his state, claimed that California was the “national model” for dealing with homelessness.

“The state of California saw a decline in veteran’s homelessness,” Newsom said. “We have a national model. What Proposition 1 did is that it reinforced that model, provided more resources to advance that model, and we’re very excited to get those dollars to work.

Newsom made the boast in reference to national statistics that showed California had a 30% drop in homelessness over the last 12 years.

Despite that remarkable improvement on veteran homelessness, California still has 28% of the overall homelessness in the nation, according to a federal report released in 2023. That figure showed an astonishing 40% rise from from what it was five years ago.

Newsom’s outrageous claim drew fierce criticism on social media, with Rep. Kevin Kiley (R-CA) saying, “This is the height of delusion” in an X post.

“Gavin Newsom (Dem-CA) may suck as a governor but he may have a future in comedy as he claims California is the model for dealing with the homeless crisis when his state has 28% of America’s homeless, with only 12% of the population,” one user wrote on X. “The only thing Newsom has done for California is take it from a $100 billion plus surplus to a $46 billion deficit, and he lost $24 billion that can’t be accounted for.”

Another X user wrote, “Hey stupid newsom….making everyone homeless is not the ‘model’ for dealing with homelessness.”

“The “California model” is to create such a high cost of living in CA that more people become homeless & then instead of helping the homeless, they give them drugs & paraphernalia to do the drugs in hopes that they just dope themselves to death. Newsom is an evil man,” another user wrote.

Another user insisted that Newsom meant that California is a model of homelessness.

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