Mrajorie Taylor Greene Has No Plan After Johnson

Daily Report April 22,2024

As the fallout from House Speaker Rep. Mike Johnson’s (R-LA) perceived betrayal continues to tear House Republicans apart, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) —one of those calling for the speaker to resign— failed to table any plans if Johnson is ousted.

Fox News host Maria Bartiromo grilled Greene over the weekend on her immediate plans if her motion to remove Johnson as the speaker is successful.

“Our plan is this, is, we have to give the American people a reason to trust us and fight for us,” Greene responded. “The American people are supporting President Trump to be the next president of the United States because they saw him — they have seen him in action. He fought against the Democrat agenda. He put America first. They desperately want him to lead this country again because they trust him and they know he will do that.”

Greene went on to criticize Johnson for betraying Republicans and siding with Democrats.

“Mike Johnson has betrayed America,” she claimed. “He’s betrayed Republican voters. Under his leadership, he’s passed the Democrat agenda, passed the Biden administration’s policies and fully funded them. We’re going to fight in Congress to do everything we can to stop this type of uniparty leadership. Mike Johnson’s speakership is over. He needs to do the right thing to resign and allow us to move forward in a controlled process. If he doesn’t do so, he will be vacated.”

The Georgia GOP lawmaker, however, failed to disclose any plan for when she ousts Johnson. Instead, she insisted that she file the motion to vacate.

“It’s coming regardless of what Mike Johnson decides to do. And we have three more Republicans joining us for special elections coming up very soon. So people need to know this can happen.”

Greene’s motion could fail when she eventually files it, as some House Democrats have signified that they will protect Johnson from any attempt to remove him. Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) on Sunday revealed that he and some of his Democrat colleagues will back Johnson.

“I’m a progressive Democrat and I think you would have a few progressive Democrats doing that,” Khanna told Jonathan Karl, host of ABC’s This Week. “And I disagree with Speaker Johnson on many issues and have been very critical of him. But he did the right thing here and he deserves to keep his job until the end of his term.”

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