Migrants Take Over Major City Park

Daily Report May 02,2024

President Joe Biden’s border crisis continues to be a major source of concern to America, with the latest reports on the issue revealing migrants take over a major American city park.

According to local reports for Seattle, hundreds of illegal immigrants set up an unauthorized camp at Powell Barnett Park in Seattle. The group, composed mostly of African and Venezuelan migrants, arrived at the park on Monday and immediately set up the camp with tents.

A Breitbart News report showed that the immigrants set up a tent encampment before issuing a list of demands, including free housing, food, and other necessities. One of the migrants, Don Tstay from the Republic of Congo, told local news media that the group plans to occupy the encampment until authorities meet their demands.

“So far, they haven’t kicked us out, and we plan to stay until we get housing,” Tstay told local news media.”

Tstay revealed that he came into the U.S. with his pregnant wife and three young children in March. The African migrant added that the group wants the government to provide them with permanent housing and speed up the process of getting them work permits.

Another 22-year-old Angolan refugee, identified as Jonathan, told Fox News that the migrants were waiting for the government’s assistance.

“We’re waiting for help. We don’t want to keep moving every month. It’s hard,” Jonathan said.

Adriana Medina, a Venezuelan who spoke through a translator, told local news that the difficult situation in her country forced her to cross into the country.

“Even now, we don’t know how much time we’re going to have to camp,” Medina said. “We don’t have these answers. We can’t tell anyone what we’re doing because we don’t know ourselves.”

City officials in Seattle revealed that they have exhausted all the allocated funding for migrant shelter and service. The city revealed that it has called upon the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services to provide additional support.

Samuel, a Republic of Congo native, insisted that the government must help the group because they are the “future of America.”

“They have children who were born here, they have kids who are in school here. They are the future of America,” Samuel said. “They’re asking for support to be able to stay here.”

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