Legal Analyst Predicts End Of Trump’s Case 

Daily Report May 14,2024

George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley on Monday revealed that New York Judge Juan Merchan could move to acquit former President Donald Trump before Jury deliberation. Turley, however, noted that prosecutors have a trick they intend to play.

Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer and fixer, took the witness stand on Monday and testified that the former president directed him to pay Stormy Daniels.

Prior to Cohen’s Monday testimony, Turley reflected on the court proceedings so far. The law professor noted that prosecutors have not provided direct evidence linking Trump to the payment that the former president’s attorney might move for a directed verdict.

“So the thing to keep in mind is: When the prosecution wraps up its case, the defense will stand up and make a standard motion for a directed verdict to say there is insufficient evidence to support a crime in this case,” Turley said. “That’s an extremely powerful argument because you have seen we’re still debating what the crime is. Even on this network, you have people disagreeing as to what the theory of this case is and the prosecution is about to wrap.”

Turley then revealed that the judge might be inclined to side with Trump’s lawyers, but prosecutors might use Cohen’s testimony to argue against the defense’s motion.

“Now, what the prosecution is worried about is that even Judge Merchan may just say ‘You know what? I gave you a shot and you didn’t sink it and so I’m going to direct this verdict, I’m going to issue an acquittal,’” Turley added. “The way they are going to get around that is just get Cohen to say ‘this happened, that he intentionally wanted me to put – wanted this to be a legal expense, he intentionally was committing fraud, he was trying to conceal campaign violations,’ even though very few people on earth would believe Michael Cohen, the prosecutors will argue to the judge ‘that is a credibility question, judge, and you need to let this go to the jury, whether you believe him or not, that is a fact question for the jury.’ That is their entire strategy, and so as unbelievable as Cohen may be, I don’t think the prosecutors think he will be believable, they just want him to check a box.”


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