Kamala Harris’ Embarrassing Gaffe Sweeps Internet

Daily Report March 26,2024

Vice President Kamala Harris is being mocked on social media after she was seen clapping along to a protest song before realizing that they were protesting against her.

Videos posted on social media showed Harris eagerly clapping and smiling as a group banged on drums and sang in Spanish during her trip to San Juan, in Puerto Rico, on Friday.

However, she was embarrassed after an aide leaned over to speak with her to translate the lyrics. Harris immediately stopped clapping, lowered her hands, and assumed a more serious facial expression.

According to Daily Mail, the song was a protest anthem that questioned:

“We want to know, Kamala, what did you come to do? We want to know, Kamala, what is going to happen?”

Harris was initially enjoying the song and clapping along before she was clued into the translation of the lyrics by Executive Director Mariana Reyes, who accompanied her on the trip.

According to the outlet, the song was aimed at the vice president and the Biden administration in general and their policies.

A half dozen demonstrators performing on the street in front of the vice president signaled support in their song for the Palestinian people amid conflict between Israel and Hamas terrorists in Gaza, as well as for Haiti as gang violence threatens to collapse the island’s government completely.

Before visiting the community center, Harris had visited a residential home outside San Juan that was damaged during Hurricane Maria but has since been outfitted with solar panels and water tanks through a federal program.

She was accompanied by Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm, Deputy Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Adrianne Todman and Puerto Rico Gov. Pedro Pierluisi.

“What we all need to do then is just supply the community and the talent here with the capacity and the resources,” Harris said. “And so President Joe Biden and I have been very intentional about what we are doing for the leaders and the people and the families of Puerto Rico. So far, our administration has invested over $140 billion in Puerto Rico.”

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