Joe Biden Voters Reveal Why They Are Moving To Trump

Daily Report May 19,2024

Several voters, who backed President Joe Biden in 2020, are revealing why they are moving over to former President Donald Trump’s side in 2024.

According to an NYT/Siena College survey, 14% of those who said they voted for Biden in 2020 have insisted that they are not repeating that mistake, with some of them considering joining the Trump train in the 2024 November election.

The survey took voter samples from Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

The New York Times reached out to some of the survey respondents who said they will consider Trump in November. Many sighted inflation, foreign policy and illegal immigration as the most significant factors to why they are considering the former president.

“Everything is just about the economy,” said Frederick Westbrook, a retired hotel worker in Las Vegas. “I don’t really trust Donald Trump at all. I just think housing, food, my car, my insurance, every single piece of living has gone up.”

Westbrook, who believes Trump is not a nice person, said his financial situation under Biden is making him consider voting for the former president.

Jared Johnson, a 25-year-old marketing professional in Atlanta, echoed Westbrook’s sentiments on Trump but insisted he would vote for the former president in November.

“Our conversations are suddenly less about what’s happening overseas and more about how we are struggling here, too,” Johnson said.

Christopher Sheffield, a 61-year-old counselor for veterans in Georgia, maintains that while Trump’s stance on race is concerning, he still plans to vote for the former president.

“When I look at [Biden], he looks weak,” Sheffield told the NYT. “With North Korea, Putin, and all those boys ready to act, I think they will be a little bit more reluctant to challenge Trump than they would with Biden.”

Amelia Earwood, a 47-year-old safety trainer at the U.S. Postal Service, expressed her disapproval of the former president but maintained that she would vote for him because of policies.

“I think that he could straighten this country out, while Biden made a ginormous mess out of it,” Earwoodsaid.

The survey showed Trump leading in all swing states polled except for Michigan, where Biden leads by a single point.

“Joe Biden is so weak, and Democrats are in such disarray, that not only is President Trump winning every traditional battleground state, but longtime blue states such as Minnesota, Virginia, and New Jersey are now in play,” Trump campaign national press secretary Karoline Leavitt told the Daily Caller News Foundation in a statement. “President Trump is on offense with a winning message and growing his movement every single day.

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