Joe Biden’s Path To White House Revealed 

Daily Report April 14,2024

With several polls showing President Joe Biden trailing former President Donald Trump in multiple swing states, Fox News host Sean Hannity on Friday revealed how Biden plans to beat Trump.

Hannity, during Friday’s opening monologue of “Hannity,” insisted that Joe Biden is not planning to win the November election based on his qualifications or his White House record. Hannity revealed that Biden intends to “lie, smear, slander, besmirch his way to reelection.

“His poll numbers have been declining, rest, relaxation, that is the top priority for this, well, cognitively impaired, weak and frail president,” Hannity said. “Instead of working hard for your vote, Biden plans to lie, smear, slander, besmirch his way into a second term. For example, just this week, Joe said that he inherited skyrocketing inflation from Donald Trump. Well, in reality, Joe Biden inherited a historically low inflation rate of 1.4%.”

The Fox News host blasted Biden for his reckless spending, adding inflation has skyrocketed since the president took office.

“Since taking off and printing money and spending money like never before, inflation has jumped nearly 20% and it continues to get worse every single solitary month,” Hannity continued. “Inflation is now so bad, even over at the conspiracy theory channel MSDNC (MSNBC), even they have to sound the alarm.”

Later in the segment, Hannity added that Biden’s White House staff is taking advantage of weakness and cognitive decline to enact radical policies.

“Now, Joe Biden is clearly weak, frail, a cognitive mess and incompetent and the vultures on a staff, they’re using him to enact the most radical far-left socialist policies this country has ever seen,” Hannity added. “It is ending up hurting most of you, the American people, the people that make this country great. This is why Biden is losing support from so many groups that — well, kind of together are the Democratic coalition, in other words, his base, the voters that Democrats usually depend on.”

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