Jack Smith Accused Of Intimidation Tactics

Daily Report April 07,2024

Prominent legal experts are accusing Special Counsel Jack Smith of using intimidating tactics against U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon.

Cannon, the presiding judge over former President Donald Trump’s classified documents case, recently blasted Smith for a document he filed before the court. Smith, in the filing, rebuked her for making a request he said rests on a “fundamentally flawed legal premise.” Cannon hit back at Smith over his tone and accused him of using “thuggish tactics” in previous cases.

Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz and Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett sided with Cannon, with Dershowitz noting that Smith is terrified that Trump might get a fair trial.

“What Jack Smith is terrified about, is he might actually have a fair trial in Florida,” Dershowitz said. “He knows he’s not going to have a fair trial in Washington D.C., 95% of the voters hate Donald Trump, he knows there’s not going to be a fair trial in Georgia, certainly not in New York and he’s terrified that this judge in a fair county in Florida might actually give Donald Trump his rights to a fair trial, so he’s doing everything to provoke the judge, possibly make a motion to recuse.”

Dershowitz also noted that Smith’s true intention may have been to interfere with the election.

“The Trump people are being accused of trying to delay the trial,” Dershowitz added. “That’s nonsense, it’s the prosecution that’s trying to rush the trial. Jack Smith said the people of the United States are entitled to a guilty verdict before they decide who to vote for. That’s – almost an admission… that’s actually an admission of election interference.”

Jarrett blasted Smith for trying to have Cannon kicked off the case when she refused to give in to his unfair demand.

“He has railroaded defendants only to be chastised and reversed and now he’s pulling the same intimidation tactics with Judge Cannon,” Jarrett said. “He demanded she accept his version of proposed jury instructions excluding Trump’s main defense, the presidential records act and he went so far as to trying to have her kicked off the case if she didn’t capitulate.Correctly, she told him to stuff it because jury instructions, they are never finalized until the evidence and testimony is introduced.I think Cannon has been tolerant of Smith’s contentious attitude whereas other judges would have held him in contempt for his insubordinate arrogance.”

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