Former Trump Attorney Opens Up Persecution 

Daily Report April 19,2024

President Joe Biden’s administration’s selective targeting of Christians and conservatives has been one of the main concerns of Congressional Republicans in recent times. Supporters and allies of former President Donald Trump are also on the list of people the Biden administration has targeted recently.

One of the victims of such targets is former Trump attorney John Eastman who recently shared his story The Daily Caller News Foundation. Eastman revealed that his work with Trump landed him in serious trouble after two major banks decided to de-bank him.

“We had Bank of America accounts for about 40 years. But just because of their wokeness we kind of quit a couple of years ago, using them much. They’ve got physical locations and therefore easy ATMs, so we kept our accounts there, but we didn’t use much. And about four or five years ago, we opened USAA bank accounts and we were using those as our primaries,” Eastman said.

Bank of America alerted the former Trump attorney last September that it would be closing his accounts. The Bank did not give any explanation as to why it would be closing its account. Just as he was trying reeling from the shocker he got from BOA, USAA dealt him another blow.

“And then two months later, we get a similar letter from USAA saying that they’ve decided that they’re going to close your account and they did like three weeks later,” Eastman said. “And so that was where all of our automatic payments were coming out of, all our automatic deposits. So it was a real pain to shift everything. We had to get a new bank account opened and shift everything over.”

The banks have refused to tell him why they de-banked him, with both claiming it was their policy not to provide any more information on the matter. While both banks continue to hide their reason for closing his accounts, Eastman insists he de-banked for political reasons.

“I’m 99.9% confident,” he said. “What I don’t know is whether they didn’t want to do business with me, or whether they didn’t want to continue to be hassled by federal regulators for doing business with me. I don’t know which of those two it is. Either one of them is rather despicable.”

Eric Bledsoe, an expert on de-banking for the Foundation for Government Accountability, said de-banking can make Americans’ lives harder, especially if they have the wrong political ideology.

“I’m gravely concerned. It really is the kind of next step in [Environmental, Social and Governance]. So ESG across the board, it really is about like, redirecting capital away from the politically disfavored and to the politically favored at the moment, without going through the political process at all,” Bledsoe told the Daily Caller.

Eastman has also faced pressure from leftists, who forced him to resign from his job as a law professor at the Fowler School of Law at Chapman University. The school had faced mounting pressure to fire him after he argued that former Vice President Mike Pence had the power to help deliver Trump the 2020 presidential election.


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