Former Mayor Panics Over Trump’s Bronx  Rally

Daily Report May 25,2024

Former President Donald Trump’s Bronx rally has sent panic into the hearts of Democrats, with former Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake urging the Democratic party to take action.

The former president’s Bronx rally saw a huge number of Blacks and Latinos come out to show their support for Trump.

Rawlings-Blake, in a CNN appearance, suggested that it would be perilous if the Democrat party ignores Trump’s play for minority voters.

“Democrats ignore Trump’s outreach to minority voters at their peril,” the former Democratic mayor told Cooper. “Trump knows how to trigger people. He knows, uh, what speaks to people, what gets them out. Now I can’t say that all of those people are from the Bronx.  I’m very suspicious that the majority of those people were voters in the Bronx. But he is doing something that is speaking to the hearts and minds of minority voters, and I hope that Democrats  don’t put our heads in the sand.”

The former mayor insisted that Trump’s rally in the Bronx was a calculated move to send a message to the nation.

“He went to the boogie down Bronx,” Rawlings-Blake said. “You know, a place that set the entire world, changed the culture for the entire world, through hip hop. He didn’t go there by mistake. He went there because he knows if you go to the Bronx, it’s a message that, it’s a place that resonates with people, particularly African Americans. He can make inroads because he’s using the language and speaking to people in a way that they receive. I think Democrats, we have to do a better job messaging the wins of the Biden administration, and there are many.”

Rawlings-Blake, who noted that the Democrat party has taken minority voters for granted, added that the former president has a way of winning voters over to his camp.

“I think the Democratic Party, unfortunately, has, uh, a track record of taking some voters, some voter blocs, for granted, and I hope that that doesn’t happen now,” Rawlings-Blake said. “Trump has a way of keying into peoples’, that, you know, the things that make them angry. The, uh, how they feel like they’re being taken advantage of. And when he speaks to people who feel that they should be doing better in life and scapegoat, uh, immigrants, for example. He’s giving them, you know, a common enemy. He’s speaking to them in a way says, you know, ‘If Biden would only do something about this group that’s taking advantage of you, you’d have that job that you want.’”

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