Experienced Federal Prosecutor Raise Issue With Trump’s Case

Daily Report March 28,2024

Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy, this week, insisted that there is a major “due process violation” in the prosecutions against former President Donald Trump.

Trump is set to appear in court on April 15 to begin the Manhattan hush-money case. The former president is facing 34 felony charges in that case and three other separate indictments, which are set to begin soon.

McCarthy —while speaking on the “Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show—” said the scheduling of the former president violates due process.

“The due process violation is the strategy to throw four trials at him under circumstances where these cases are so complex that in an ordinary defendant’s case, you would get over a year to get prepared for trial and they’re not only you know lining up four cases, they’re making it impossible for him to prepare adequately for any one because of the quantity that they’ve thrown at him,” McCarthy said.

McCarthy insisted that the case would prevent the former president from carrying out a sound campaign due to the fact that he had to be present in court for the trial.

“I think our tendency is that as we’ve gone through, because this is the only way you can go through it sensibly, is to go through each case, but I think sometimes we don’t realize the cumulative effect of this is unbelievable and it will become unbelievable to people when they realized that in criminal trial, a defendant has to be present in court every day, every moment of the case.“You’re talking about taking the Republican nominee off the campaign trail and locking him in a courtroom basically for somewhere between three and nine months, depending on you know how efficient they can push these cases through.

Earlier this week, McCarthy told Fox News that he was not sure Trump would get a fair trial in the Manhattan case. The former federal prosecutor insisted that Judge Juan Merchan, who will preside over the trial, has been “pretty much a rubber stamp” on anything Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg wants.

“It’s a terrible case but it is going to go forward,” McCarthy told Hemmer. “I think there is a high probability Trump could get convicted because what has happened here is Alvin Bragg has taken one transaction, which years ago, if you brought it at all, should have been a misdemeanor falsification of business records in which there are no victims, nobody got harmed by this, the state wasn’t deprived of any tax revenue. He has carved it up into 34 acts he labeled as felonies that could put Trump behind bars for over a… century.”


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