DeSantis Issues Clear Warning To Antisemite Student Protesters 

Daily Report May 04,2024

As discussions surrounding the antisemitic protests that broke across elite American Universities continue, GOP Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis issued a warning to those who would bring the protest to his state.

DeSantis, while speaking with FOX News Sean Hannity on Thursday’s broadcast of “Hannity,” blasted the protesters before adding that the students have no right to do that in his state.

“Well, that’s right, Sean. In a variety of ways, Florida is not California [and] not New York on a whole host of issues, but particularly on how you handle these universities. These students that think they can set up an encampment or take over buildings, they don’t have a right to do that and they will be held accountable in Florida,” DeSantis said before noting that the students got away with their actions because there were no consequences. “When I see in places like Columbia, Harvard, and the California schools, the administrators, the presidents of these universities are just too weak to do anything about it. Maybe they agree with what’s going on, but there’s no consequences. So when there’s no consequences, you’re going to continue to see that conduct.”

DeSantis, who was among those who battled former President Donald Trump for the GOP presidential primary ticket, maintained that students in Florida schools would be held accountable if they carried out similar unruly protests.

“I can tell you in Florida there will be consequences. We are not running daycare centers at our universities, we’re running universities. People are there to learn and people are there to better themselves. We’re not going to sit there and have tents spring up all around our university campuses, it’s unacceptable,” the governor stated.

DeSantis Thursday remarks echoed his previous statement in April where he vowed that students will be expelled if they conducted such protests.

“You think about what happens when you have these Hamas demonstrators. They are taking over bridges and they are taking over roads,” Desantis said in a press conference. “First of all, you don’t have a right to do that. Someone may need to get to a hospital, someone may need to pick up a child somewhere and you are just going to commandeer the road? We are not going to tolerate that. At Columbia, at Yale, those guys rule. They do whatever they want and the administrators and the presidents of these Universities are weak. They are scared and they don’t do anything. You do that in Florida, at our universities, we are showing you the door. You are going to be expelled.”

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