Democrat Governors Rips Biden Admin In Leaked Audio 

Daily Report April 28,2024

A leaked audio that went viral on social media is causing major headaches for President Joe Biden’s administration and a Democrat governor.

New Mexico Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham criticized Joe Biden’s administration and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas in the leaked audio recording over his failure to protect the border.

“For the love of god, put [Border Patrol agents] at the border in Sunland Park where I don’t have a single Border Patrol agent — not one. And people pour over. And so I’m cranky with the Secretary,” Grisham is heard saying to an unidentified official in the audio, first posted by an anonymous account on X.

Grisham also threatened to send a letter accusing Mayorkas of refusing to work with her to protect the border.

“But the press also knows that Border Patrol is taking a hard stance, and the only way is either we have to adjust it or I have to send you a letter saying ‘you’re persecuting the state, you are not using your discretion, you’re not working with me on immigration,’” Grisham said to the official. “And I don’t want to send out a letter, but I’m, I’m boxed in hard.”

A spokesperson for the governor’s office confirmed the authenticity of the audio to the Daily Caller News Foundation but refused to reveal who Grisham was addressing. The spokesperson, however, noted that the governor was talking to a high-level administration official and that the conversion occurred a few days ago.

Michael Coleman, communications director for Grisham’s office, tried to downplay the significance of the audio, noting that the conversation was intended to be private.

“This unauthorized and edited recording of the governor’s private phone call reflects what she has already said publicly — that she is frustrated by federal seizures of licensed cannabis products in New Mexico, particularly those from small producers. She has expressed the same concerns in phone calls with Secretary Mayorkas,” Coleman told the Daily Caller.

The Biden administration’s failure has not only become a source of concern for Republicans; even Democrats are worried the president’s border records could negatively impact the party in 2024.

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