CNN Makes Surprising Claim On Trump Rally 

Daily Report May 24,2024

Former President Donald Trump’s decision to hold a rally in one of Democrats’ strongest cities is turning out to be a genius move after the former president received rave reviews from several media outlets.

On Thursday, Trump held a rally in the Bronx, with many Democrat voters turning out to support the former president. The rally’s turnout had many experts believing that Trump could repeat a 44-year-old feat made by Ronald Reagan in 1980. Reagan won New York in the general election, making him the only Republican presidential candidate to have won the Democrat state in the last 44 years.

CNN National Correspondent Kristen Holmes, who was present at the rally, was forced to recognize the rally’s success, saying that the former president was “on message.”

“But I will say he’s been remarkably on message here talking about things that do matter to New York voters, talking about helping with infrastructure, helping with jobs,” Holmes said during an appearance on CNN’s Erin Burnett OutFront. “I talked to a number of people in the Bronx before we even got into the rally, and the response to him being here was mixed. We had people saying he should get out, that he doesn’t belong here, but we also had people saying that they voted for Biden in 2020 and they were looking for an alternative. Many of them citing the economy, saying they felt like times were too hard and they were looking seriously at voting for Donald Trump.”

Earlier in the show, Holmes admitted that the turnout was much larger than President Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats would like to admit.

“Turnout is certainly much larger than the Biden campaign would like, given that this is one of the bluest counties in the entire country,” Holmes stated. “But of course, as you said, this is coming as Donald Trump is making a play for minority voters, particularly black men and Latino men. That is something that we know: that Donald Trump, one, sees some opportunity with, but also, two, as you showed in that recent polling, there’s some movement there and they really believe they can siphon off these minority voters from democratic groups.”

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