BLM Founder Begins Defense Of Fraud Charges

Daily Report April 05,2024

A Black Lives Matter activist on Tuesday began his defense for stealing nearly $500 from a BLM sub-organization he founded.

According to the New York Post, the suspect —identified as Sir Maejor Page and previously known as Tyree Conyers-Page— created the BLM organization and earned nearly half a million dollars from diners to fund his lavish lifestyle.

Authorities said Page created a bank account in 2018 titled “Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta Inc.,” and made himself the sole signatory to the account. The suspect received donations from Facebook users who linked their birthday donation wish to the “non-profit” account, according to The Post.

The account initially struggled to generate funds, with bank records showing it gained just $5,000 in the first two years. However, the controversial death of George Floyd and the nationwide mayhem and protest that followed soon saw the account revenue skyrocket.

In June 2020, the account received approximately $36,493.80 in donations from BLMGA’s social media page. One month later, the account received a further $370,933.69 in donations. In August 2020, the account received an additional $59,914.69 in donations.

According to The Post, Page —who styled himself as the world’s sexiest albino— spent most of the money funding his lavish lifestyle.

“Page’s largest purchase using the donated funds was a home and an adjacent vacant lot in a residential neighborhood of Toledo, Ohio, valued at approximately $112,000 in August,” The Post wrote. “The fraudster went a step further, in an attempt to conceal his ownership of the property, by having the real estate transaction state the purchase was ‘by and between Hi Frequency Ohio via Sir Maejor Page’ and the seller’s agent.”

The alleged fraudster also bought a Glock handgun and two AR-15-styled rifles from an Oregon-based gun shop using donations from the account. Page had initially promised that all the donations would not be used for personal expenses.

FBI agent Matthew Desorbo revealed that Page used funds from the account for personal gains, including multiple purchases at the Pyramid Lounge in Toledo where he purchased 16 blue suits. Page also transferred money from the BLMGA account to his own CashApp.

Authorities said Page defrauded donors out of $467,345.18 after BLMGA’s tax-exempt status as a charity with the IRS was revoked.

Authorities arrested Page in September 2020 on one count of concealment money laundering, two counts of money laundering and wire fraud. He began his defense on Tuesday.

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