Big Week Ahead For Trump As Judge Set To Issue Ruling 

Daily Report April 30,2024

Judge Juan Merchan is set to decide former President Donald Trump’s faith this week after prosecutors argued that the former president violated his gag order.

Trump is currently on trial for the hush money payment he allegedly made to adult movie star Stormy Daniels. Prior to the trial, Merchan placed a gag order on the former president. The order bars Trump from speaking publicly about witnesses, jurors and people connected to the case.

Trump has, however, referenced Michael Cohen —the prosecution’s star witness— in a few comments since the gag order went into effect.

“Cohen was a lawyer representing a lot of people over the years. . . . He puts in an invoice, they pay, they call it a legal expense, and I got indicted for that,” Trump said before going on to accuse Mr. Cohen of having lied in the past.

Trump, during an interview on Real America’s Voice, blasted Merchan for rushing the case. The former president also appeared to suggest he would not get a fair trial because 95% of the Jurors are Democrats.

“The judge said I can’t get away from the trial. You know, he’s rushing the trial like crazy,” Trump said. “That jury was picked so fast, 95% Democrats, the area’s all, mostly all Democrats. You think of it as a just a purely Democrat area. It’s a very unfair situation.”

During Thursday’s court session, Christopher Conroy argued that Trump’s comments violated the gag order. Conroy also insisted that Trump describing  David Pecker, the former CEO of American Media, as a nice guy was a form of witness intimidation. Pecker is the prosecution’s first witness against the former president.

Merchan will rule sometime this week on whether Trump violated the gag order.

Harvey Kushner, chair of the criminal justice department at Long Island University in Brookville, New York, told The Epoch Times that the gag order is a political weapon against Trump.

“This is a case where a gag order is a political weapon,” Mr. Kushner said. “Here you have a different situation, you have someone who is actually running for president, and this order is not allowing him to comment when he should have the ability to make his case on every aspect of the proceeding. There is no precedent for this.”

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