Biden Repeats False Claims About His Track Record

Daily Report May 31,2024

President Joe Biden, who has a record of repeating false claims, recently told another massive lie about his records.

The president, on Wednesday, claimed that he was involved in the Civil Rights Movement despite admitting in the past that he was not.

According to the New York Post, Biden has acknowledged that he was not involved in the Civil Rights Movement in the past. The president made this known in a 1987 interview, saying that he was not an activist but only a student at the time.

Meanwhile, during a recent address to a group of black officials and residents at a Philadelphia restaurant and jazz bar, Biden repeated the false claim twice, saying he was involved in the Civil Rights Movement.

“I got involved as a kid in the Civil Rights Movement,” Biden said. “Like I said, in 1969, I got deeply involved in the Civil Rights Movement, and those of you who are Pennsylvanians know that Delaware used to be a slave state and a southern state, and it’s that attitude, I mean, for real.”

Biden has repeatedly claimed his involvement in the movement, with additional claims that he got arrested during the civil rights protests. Last month, Biden went on “The Howard Stern Show” with claims that he got arrested standing on the porch with a black family during the protest.

During the interview, the president recounted a conversation with his mother, recalling her warning not to join the protest.

“I look at my mom. I said.’ Honey, you haven’t said anything,’ She said, ‘Joey, remember when they were desegregating Lynnfield the neighborhood into 70 homes?’ Biden said. “And I told you a Black family was moving in, and there were people down there protesting. I told you not to go down there, and you went. Remember that?”

In 2022, Biden told students at the historically black college in Atlanta the false claim of his arrest, for which there is no evidence.

Biden has made multiple false claims about important matters relating to his personal life, which has sparked criticism and raised countless questions about the president’s truthfulness.

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