Biden Aides Refer To Trump As ‘Hitler Pig’

Daily Report April 19,2024

Former President Donald Trump has been nicknamed “Hitler Pig” by some aides and allies of President Joe Biden. Four staffers anonymously confirmed that “Hitler Pig” is the nickname some staffers use to refer to Trump.

According to the New York Post, White House staffers and campaign aides first started using the term after Trump dined with rapper Kanye West and white nationalist Nick Fuentes.

This event happened at his Mar-a-Lago estate two days before Thanksgiving in 2022.

The news outlet added that Biden’s aides will often share clips of Trump with comments or say to colleagues in the room: “Hey, did you see what Hitler Pig said?”

In response to the alleged nickname, Brian Hughes, a senior Trump campaign adviser, said that Biden talks a lot about decency, but he and his staff don’t have a decent bone in their bodies.

“These ridiculous and gross comments reflect the failure and dishonesty of the entire Biden operation,” Hughes said.

The Trump campaign has also called claims that the former president fell asleep in court “100 percent fake news”.

These claims came after New York Times reporter Haberman told CNN that Trump struggled to stay awake and eventually dozed off as jury selection got underway at his trial in New York.

Trump campaign adviser Chris LaCivita argued that the nickname is more of a reflection of the White House staffers that use it.

“Politico thinks this is funny; it’s more a representation of what a rag they’ve become and the level of s-t that works in the White House’ Hitler Pig,” LaCivita wrote on X.

Meanwhile, Biden has had his fair share of nicknames. Fox News Host and Trump’s confidant Sean Hannity has branded Biden “Jacked-up Joe.” The news host gave Biden the nickname after the President’s State of the Union address on March 7.

“I guess that’s one way to describe it. Tonight, America saw, um, let’s say, a very different Joe Biden. I might call him “Jacked-up Joe,” and that’s being charitable. He sounded like a hyper-caffeinated, angry old man,” Hannity said.

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