Ashley Biden’s Hidden Romance Revealed

Daily Report June 10,2024

Ashley Biden, the daughter of President Joe Biden, had a romantic relationship with Eric Dengler, a convicted felon and drug addict. Her diary, which was stolen and sold to Project Veritas, reveals her struggles with drug and intimate addiction as well as her relationship with Dengler.

Dengler, who died of a drug overdose in 2023, had a history of arrests and prison sentences for robbery, drug trafficking, and theft. According to Daily Mail, Dengler was found dead in his Delay Beach apartment on April 6 last year wearing nothing but a pair of red socks and with a syringe clutched in his hand.

Despite his troubled past, Ashley found him calming, and they shared a passionate relationship.

“Started hanging out with a new guy, Eric, who has been through a lot and is clean + sober these days,” Ashley wrote in her diary on Feb. 4, 2109. “I can tell we both could fall for one another – and that’s a little scary but taking it day by day b/c ya never know what the future holds.”

The president’s daughter also described her secret affair with a married man named Kelvin, which made her feel guilty. Despite this, they continued to see each other and send messages.

Furthermore, Ashley’s diary reveals that she was unfaithful to her husband, Howard Krein, a doctor, and how she struggled with his involvement in her late brother Beau’s treatment before his death.

She listed reasons why their marriage wasn’t working, including different interests, lack of adventure and no intimacy.

“All of the affection, all the trust – went out the window the day that Howard went ahead with the feeding tube,” she wrote. “I have forgiven, but don’t think that I can get it back.”

Ashley wrote that she considered trying to make the marriage work after a meeting with her husband in 2019, but eventually decided it was over. It is believed the couple is still together as they have not publicly filed for divorce.

Ashley’s diary also revealed childhood traumas, including showers with her dad and past struggles with drug use. She has also had her fair share of legal troubles, including arrests for marijuana possession, underage drinking, and obstructing officers.

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