Alvin Bragg’s Case Against Trump Just Lost More Bragging Rights 

Daily Report May 03,2024

Former President Donald Trump’s hush money criminal trial took an interesting turn after a witness turned the case in favor of the former president.

Manhattan District Attorney indicted Trump for allegedly paying adult movie star Stormy Daniels $130,000 to keep an alleged affair secret. According to PJ Media, Daniels’ lawyer, Keith Davidson, testified in court on Thursday and completely undermined Bragg’s charges against the former president.

During his testimony, Davidson argued that the $130,000 payment to his client should not be seen as “hush money.” The witness maintained that the payment was a legitimate “consideration” payment.

“It wasn’t a payoff. And it wasn’t hush money. It was consideration,” Davidson said before adding that he would never use “hush money” to describe the payment.

Davidson’s testimony also dealt further damage to Michael Cohen’s credibility before Jurors after the lawyer portrayed Cohen as a disgruntled former employee. Davidson told the jury that Cohen lost his mind after Trump refused him a position at the White House in 2017.

“Can you f—ing believe I’m not going to Washington after everything I’ve done for that guy. I can’t believe I’m not going to Washington…I’ve save[d] his a**…”Cohen told Davidson on one phone call.

Legal experts on MSNBC also insist that Davidson’s testimony did little to help Bragg’s case but was very helpful to Trump.

“I think Davidson is one in a line of difficult witnesses that already come before and are going to be coming in this trial,” former assistant New York State Attorney General Adam Pollock said when speaking about how Davidson’s testimony impacted the prosecution’s case. “This is a messy trial, and sort of gives us all an insight, a crack into what this sordid world is about between the National Enquirer and selling stories. It’s not pretty to watch.”

MSNBC legal analyst Catherine Christian echoed Pollock’s testimony, adding that Davidson’s testimony helps Trump.

“He was helpful in that he established that there was a payoff and he negotiated with Michael Cohen, but he was helpful to the defense because he has, particularly since the prosecution didn’t bring out some of his bad acts on their direct examination, he appears to be in the defense view, just a lawyer who shakes down people, whether it was Hulk Hogan or other people,” Christian said. “That’s what he did, and maybe that’s what happened here. That’s what the defense will say. This was a shakedown of Donald Trump. This wasn’t about paying someone as an illegal campaign contribution. This was a shakedown, and Michael Cohen, it’s an understatement to say how difficult of a witness he is for the prosecution.

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