Alabama AG Raises Alarm Over Democrats’ Radical Agenda 

Daily Report April 03,2024

Democrats operatives are planning to force the infamous Green New Deal on Americans, and this time, they are bypassing Congress and the ballot to do it, according to Republican Attorney General Steven Marshall of Alabama.

A lawsuit by Honolulu against major oil companies claims the energy companies engaged in a “disinformation campaign.” The lawsuit argues that energy companies such as Chevron and Sunoco have knowingly deceived consumers about the climate change effects of fossil fuel use.

New York Democrat Attorney General Letitia James has also sued JBS, the largest meat-packing company in the United States, over the company allegedly misleading consumers about its effects on climate change.

Marshall, while speaking on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom,” told co-host Dana Perino that he and some of his colleagues are fighting the lawsuit at the U.S. Supreme Court.

“Twenty states have banded together to be able to file this brief with the Supreme Court. While it is directed to the Hawaii case, which procedurally is in the right posture for the Supreme Court to consider, the impact of this case is widespread,” Marshall said. “Clearly on the cases you’ve described going on around the country, but also we need to look no further than what the New York AG done recently in suing JBS, trying to use the efforts of state court to regulate certain industries around climate change.”

Marshal revealed the lawsuits are designed to bankrupt the fossil fuel industry and force the prices of goods to skyrocket in the country.

“The efforts in Hawaii are to bankrupt the fossil fuel industry,” Marshall told Perino. “But that directly impacts the pocketbooks of consumers in Alabama as well as others across the country in the cost of fossil fuels. The reality is not only is this effort one to deal with damages and money, but also it is through the injunctive power of trial courts to change the way the fossil fuel industry does their business, again, outside the rule of law.”

Marshal added that billionaires trying to force the Green New Deal, introduced by far-left Rep. Alexandra Ocasio Cortez (D-NY), on Americans through the deal.

“These are radical environmental groups who have an agenda funded by billionaires across the country directly trying to get the Green New Deal in a way they can’t through Congress and the ballot box,” Marshall said.


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