Trump Gets Insane Advice After First Day Of Hush Money Case

Daily Report April 16,2024

Former President Donald Trump began the defense of his hush money trail on Monday, with the unprecedented move raising a huge storm around the country.

The first day of the trial saw New York Supreme Court Judge Juan Merchan tell the former president he missed any of the daily court sessions.

According to Business Insider, Trump’s attorney had asked the judge if the former president could skip court on May 17 to attend his son Baron’s graduation. Merchan refused to rule on the request immediately.

“It really depends on if we are on time and where we are in the trial,” Merchan said, according to the outlet.

Fox Nation host Piers Morgan, while speaking on “The Five,” advised Trump to defy the judge and attend his son’s graduation.

“Donald Trump should go to his son’s graduation … go to the graduation. Honestly, if you’re watching, President Trump, just go to the graduation. Every parent in America, whether they like you or hate you, will go, ‘Yeah, I’d have done that, too,’” Morgan said after describing the case as the “most pathetic and self-harming act of political suicide ever witnessed.”

Morgan described the case as “utterly ridiculous,” adding that it is the most nonsensical of the other four indictments against Trump. Morgan maintained that the trial would most likely guarantee Trump’s victory in November, especially if the jury were to convict him.

“Have you lost your minds, America? What a demeaning way to treat a former president. Secondly, if you’re on the left, why would you think this would possibly work? Why would you not think that what you’re doing here is going to almost guarantee Donald Trump wins the next election?” he asked. “The only thing that could absolutely guarantee it is if he’s found guilty and put into a prison cell. Because, at that moment, Trump wins by a landslide. This is a farcical case and if anyone is watching this and doesn’t agree, you have lost your minds.”

The Conservative Archives previously reported that the jury selection process would be a difficult part of the case. That report proved true on Monday, as the first day of Jury selection ended without a single juror selected.

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