Trump Almost Left Dr. Phil In Fit Of Laughter 

Daily Report June 07,2024

Former President Donald Trump’s views on Rep. Adam Schiff (R-CA) were so hilarious that famous talk show host Dr. Phil struggled to hold back his amusement.

Trump, while speaking with Dr. Phil on  “Merit Street” network, blasted Schiff over his false claims on Russia collusion and Donald Trump Jr.

“Adam Schiff comes out and says, ‘Donald Trump Jr. will go to jail because of what he’s done with Russia.’ And it was Adam Schiff and Hillary Clinton and some others in the DNC that, they made up — think of how bad you have to be,” Trump said. “You make up a phony story about Russia, Russia, Russia, the Russia hoax. You have the dossier, the whole thing, it’s all fake. They paid $12 million or something for the dossier, $12 million! They gave this guy, Steele, a fortune to do a fake story. It’s called the fake dossier, right?

Dr. Phil told the former president that he understands what he must be feeling because he has also been in Trump’s shoes. The host then asked Trump how he handled the situation with Schiff.

“It’s, I mean I called him, I called him up. I knew it wasn’t true, but I said. This guy, these are not stupid people. I call him watermelon head! He’s got the thinnest neck I’ve ever seen. How it holds up that head? He’s got a neck that’s about a size six,” Trump told Dr. Phil, leaving the experienced host struggling to hold back his laughter.

The former president described Schiff as a very “unattractive guy” before accusing the Democrat lawmaker of being part of those who spread misinformation about him.

“Very unattractive guy, both inside and outside. And people say, ‘Oh, that’s such a terrible thing to say.’ That’s okay. Very unattractive guy,” Trump told  Dr. Phil, who still couldn’t control his facial expression. “But here’s the thing, these are, these are bad people. And it’s not easy to deal with, you know, when you have your kids involved, or your family, your wife, and you read stuff, and most of it is untrue. It’s just totally untrue.But think of that. They make up a story and say, ‘Your son’s going to jail’ for something that they know is false. These are bad people.”

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