St Louis Democrat Mayor Blames Business Owners For Crime

Daily Report March 31,2024

St Louis Democrat Mayor Tishaura Jones blames convenience store owners for crimes on their property and vows to hold them accountable for lawbreaking.

Mayor Jones made this known to leaders at the Black Mayors Coalition on Crime in Memphis. The group, launched this week by Tennessee Mayor Paul Young, aims to harness the collective power of black mayors nationwide to fight crime. This includes 21 leaders of cities across the country.

“We have a lot of violence around convenience stores and gas stations,” Mayor Jones said. “So how can we hold those business owners accountable and bring down crime? Some of the things we’re already doing, we’re finding that other mayors are doing as well.”

According to Daily Mail, Mayor Jones plans to adopt laws similar to those in Atlanta, Georgia, where nightclub owners are more responsible for crimes near their property.

According to local reports, Jones’ statement comes as St. Louis is currently in a controversy following the brutal attack of a 15-year-old girl identified as Kaylee Gain.

Gain was attacked on Mar 8 by another teenage girl who slammed her head into the pavement. The victim was left with a fractured skull, brain bleeding, brain swelling and in a coma for two weeks following the attack.

According to local reports, a GoFundMe page for the teen has raised nearly $350,000 as of Monday, with at least $10,000 of that total coming from billionaire Pershing Square CEO Bill Ackman.

Earlier this month, a man was shot at a QuikTrip store in south St. Louis. The suspect was shot dead, and the store’s security guard was shot in the thigh in a struggle for his gun.

According to Daily Mail, St. Louis was ranked the third most dangerous city again behind Detroit, Michigan and Baltimore.

St Louis has a higher crime rate than other metro areas of similar size. The city received a 6.9 out of 10 on U.S. News and World Report’s crime index.

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