Prominent Author Accused Of Murdering Tulsi Gabbard’s Aunt

Daily Report June 03,2024

The aunt of former Hawaii Democratic Rep.Tulsi Gabbard was stabbed and beaten to death last month by her mentee.

The victim, Caroline Sinaviana-Gabbard, 78, who is also the sister of Mike Gabbard (D-HI), was found dead at the home of prominent Samoan author and playwright Papalii Sia Figiel, 57, on the Pacific Island.

According to police reports, the tragic incident took place on May 25 at Figiel’s residence. The pair got into an argument before the incident turned violent.

The cause of the argument is currently unknown, but Figiel allegedly used a knife and a hammer to kill her, both of which were found at the scene.

“A hammer is alleged to have been used as well as a small knife that inflicted multiple stab wounds on the deceased.” Samoan Police Commissioner Auapaau Logoitino Filipo said.

Figiel then allegedly left the body lying in her house and drove to a friend’s home, where she spent the night.

According to the New York Post, Figiel was later arrested for manslaughter last Sunday, but her charges were upgraded to murder following an investigation.

“We do not know what the motive is of the offending but from reports, the incident occurred on Saturday, and the suspect left the deceased at her home while she went out to Lotofaga and spent time with a friend,” Auapaau said in a statement. “It wasn’t until Sunday morning while having breakfast that she told her friend about what she had done, which led to the matter being reported to the Police.”

According to Gabbard’s family, Sinaviana-Gabbard was the first Samoan to become a full U.S. professor and an accomplished writer, teacher and environmental activist.

Meanwhile, Figiel, the alleged killer, is a prominent Samoan poet and author. She was a colleague and friend of the victim and had previously been mentored by her.

After hearing the news of his sister, Gabbard stated that he forgives the person responsible for her death but hopes justice will be served.

“While we have forgiven her, we still want justice to be carried out. That’s the best thing to do,” Gabbard said.


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