Popular TV Star Johnny Wactor Fatally Shot And Killed

Daily Report May 27,2024

Popular actor Johnny Wactor, known for his role in the daytime drama “General Hospital,” was fatally shot and killed in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday. He was 37. His mother, Scarlett Wactor, confirmed his death.

Scarlett revealed that the incident occurred after her son and his co-worker left their job at a rooftop bar in the early morning hours. Wactor noticed that his car looked jacked to one side, which he thought was getting towed.

“From what I understand, he said, ‘Hey man, you towing my car?’ and the person looked up and had a mask, and so then I guess he knew they weren’t doing that, so he stepped in front of the co-worker and then backed up and put his hands up for both, and the person shot him,” Scarlett said.

Scarlett also revealed that her son’s place of employment did not have a designated parking lot for employees. She added that if Wactor had been two minutes earlier or two minutes late, he’d still be alive.

According to Fox News, while the authorities have not confirmed Wactor’s identity, the description matches a reported incident where three suspects attempted to steal a catalytic converter. However, the suspects have not been identified.

In a statement, Wactor’s agent, David Shaul, described him as a dedicated worker and an exemplary person. In his words, Wactor always kept his chin up and kept striving to be the best he could be.

On the other hand, Wactor’s mother said the authorities are planning an autopsy, and the family will bring him back to South Carolina for funeral services when his body is released.

“What I’d like everybody to know is that they took a great human being,” Scarlett said. “It is leaving a very large hole in me and his brother’s lives.”

Before his death, Wactor was an exceptional actor. He made his acting debut on television in the lifetime drama series “Army Wives” (2007). He appeared in “General Hospital” as Brando Corbin between 2020 and 2022. His other acting credits include “Hollywood Girl” (2010), “NCIS” (2019) and “Westworld” (2020), amongst others.

He is survived by his mother, Scarlett and two brothers, Lance and Grant Wactor.


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