Legal Experts Reveal How Trump Lawyer Could Go After Cohen 

Daily Report May 02,2024

Legal experts on CNN are worried that a key witness in former President Donald Trump’s ongoing hush money case may not be useful to prosecutors.

A CNN legal panel on Wednesday revealed that the defense team may try to portray Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, as going rogue when he paid hush money to adult film star Stormy Daniels. Criminal defense attorney Bill Brennan insisted that the testimony of the two witnesses who have taken the stand so far could help Trump’s lawyers convince the jury that Cohen was acting alone.

“He’s (Cohen) going to take the stand being convicted of lying to Congress, a convicted felon, and he’s got an ax to grind with the defendant. He went from a sycophant to Donald Trump to now somebody who’s kind of out to get him, and jurors pick up on that … And jurors pick up when a witness seems to have skin in the game, so I think Cohen could be a disaster for the prosecution,” Brennan said. “And if you take it so far, if you take the witnesses that we’ve heard from so far, all you’ve really heard is that Cohen went out and got a home equity loan on Cohen’s house without telling Cohen’s wife and Cohen negotiated a deal with Davidson and the AMI people and Cohen formed a corporation. The banker said he never spoke to the defendant, he never heard from the defendant. There’s a strong narrative here that the defense could craft that Cohen went rogue and he was looking for a little pat on the head from his boss and he came up with this scheme on his own. It might sell.”

CNN legal analyst Joey Jackson agreed with Brennan but noted that the prosecutor could still ask jurors to draw up their own conclusion even though there is no evidence showing Trump instructed Cohen to pay Daniels.

“To Bill’s point, certainly the defense is going to try to distance Trump from that and saying he did go rogue,” Jackson said. “However, the prosecution will say all of you use your common sense and good judgment. Who’s the person running for president, who’s the person who serves to benefit, who’s the person who worked for the president, whose job it was to ensure that the president became the president, right?”

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