Jordan Exposes Plan To Keep Biden Hidden In Basement

Daily Report April 28,2024

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) on Friday made a shocking revelation regarding former President Donald Trump’s ongoing criminal trial while speaking on Fox News “Hannity.”

Jordan, who is overseeing the congressional investigations into President Joe Biden’s family, told host Sean Hannity that Trump’s trial is a political plot designed to keep Joe Biden off the camp trail and in the basement.

“This is — this is what is so unfair. It’s (Trump’s Trial) all driven by politics,” Jordan said. “The whole plan here is to keep Biden in the basement because he can’t talk about anything, keep Biden in the basement and Trump on trial. That’s what the Democrats are trying to do, that is their whole plan because they know that President Trump’s going to win if he’s out there unable to campaign, and that’s why they’re trying to keep him tied up.”

Jordan also ripped the gag order Judge Juan Merchan placed on Trump, noting that the order prevents the former president from talking about the case while Michael Cohen —prosecutors’ star witness and a proven liar— is allowed to say whatever he wants.

“In fact, these are the guys who said we can put Michael Cohen as our star witness. I mean, the one thing that probably bothers me most about this case right now is the fact that they put a gag order on President Trump, former president, the current Republican nominee for president of the United States, likely going to be our next president —I certainly hope he is— he’s not allowed to talk, Jordan said. “But Michael Cohen is? You know, a convicted perjurer, a guy who came in front of Congress and lied six times in one congressional hearing, he’s allowed to say whatever he wants, but President Trump’s got a gag order by this judge, this obviously partisan judge whose daughter worked for every Democrat you can think of?”


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