Hunter Defense Collapses

Daily Report June 06,2024

First Son Hunter Biden’s defense may be heading for the rocks, according to George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley.

Hunter began the defense of his gun charges trial Monday, with the first son facing a prison term if found guilty. Turley, while speaking in an appearance on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom,” maintained that Hunter’s defense argument fell within the first two days of trial.

“The prosecution is doing an amazingly good job in my view,” Turley said. “This is a very disciplined case. What’s really astonishing is how fast all of the defenses put forward by Abbe Lowell collapsed within 48 hours. There was a long argument that the laptop was tampered with. They put on an agent saying there’s no tampering here. This is real and authentic. They said that Hunter Biden wasn’t doing drugs when he signed that. They have a text of him the next day trying to score drugs from a guy named Mookie, and a day after that, doing drugs on the hood of a car, according to a text.  And all these other witnesses saying ‘of course he was an addict, he was doing crack every 20 minutes when I knew him.’ They then said well, ‘maybe someone else filled out the form.’ You had Mr. Cleveland say ‘I watched him fill out the form. I told him to take his time.’”

Turley maintained that the first son should have pled guilty since all the evidence and witness testimonies are all stacked against him.

“ So every one of these defenses collapsed shortly after they were stated by the defense. It’s obvious he was doing drugs and that he had signed the form falsely,” Turley continued. “That might keep him out of jail. It certainly would have avoided an embarrassing trial. The answer is, this is Biden town. This is a Biden who is standing trial in his hometown and this is the opposite of Manhattan. Here the jury pool could not be better for the defendant. I think the defense is using a nullification strategy.”

The nullification strategy, also known as Jury Nullification,  is when the jury delivers a not guilty verdict even though jurors were convinced and had adequate evidence to convict. Nullification could also occur if one or more jurors decide to vote not guilty to cause a hung jury.


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