Hunter Biden Loses Bid To Dismiss Criminal Gun Case

Daily Report May 30,2024

Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, has lost a bid to dismiss a gun case against him in Delaware. A federal appeal court rejected the bid on Thursday, ruling the troubled Biden’s appeal Insignificant.

Biden’s gun case stems from his false statement about his drug use on a federal form when he bought a Colt Cobra 38 SPL revolver in October 2018.

The gun was found in a trash can near a school, which prompted an investigation. Biden has, however, pleaded not guilty. He is scheduled to stand trial for the case on June 3.

Biden, who also faces nine counts of tax fraud, including three felony charges, has also attempted to dismiss the tax case. However, it was rejected by both the District Court for the Central District of California and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal earlier this year.

He is scheduled for trial in the tax fraud case on Sept. 5 in Los Angeles. In Biden’s May 14 motion, he argued that using congressional appropriations to pay Special Counsel David Weiss wasn’t right because the prosecutor is not an independent counsel.

While rejecting Biden’s argument, US District Judge Maryellen Noreika pointed out that Biden is claiming he is being unfairly targeted by a Special Counsel who makes decisions based on politics. At the same time, the president’s son says that the special counsel is not independent of the attorney general appointed by his father or the executive branch headed by his father.

“Neither the Government Accountability Office nor any court has concluded that special counsel subject to the special counsel regulations cannot be independent within the meaning of the appropriation,” Noreika wrote. “Biden has failed to convince the court that funding the special counsel’s prosecution in this case violates the Appropriations clause.”

Noreika also pointed out that using a special fund to pay for special counsel is a common practice. The judge also said Biden’s argument ignores the rule, which states that special counsel does not have to be from outside the government to receive funds.

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