Cohen Cracks Under Cross-Examination 

Daily Report May 15,2024

Lawyers for former President Donald Trump’s lawyers dealt a significant blow to Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg after they got Michael Cohen to crack on the stand.

Prosecutors ended Cohen’s questioning on Tuesday morning, paving the way for the former president’s defense team to begin their cross-examination of the witness.

Defense attorney Todd Blanche immediately got Cohen to admit his dislike for the former president and his legal team. Blanche got Cohne to admit that he had described him with profanity at the beginning of the trial.

“You and I have never spoken or met before?” Blanche asked.

“We have not,” Cohen responded.

“On April 23, you went on TikTok and called me a ‘crying little s**t?’” Blanche fired back.

“Sounds like something I would say,” Cohen replied

Cohen was never able to recover from the first question, and it went downhill for the convicted purger. Blanch got Cohen to admit that he had called Trump a “boorish, cartoon misogynist” on the first episode of his podcast.

Blanche tried to point out that Cohen could not stop talking about the former president even when he had promised prosecutors that he would stop. Cohen replied that he could not remember ever making the promise to prosecutors.

“You testified yesterday about specific recollections about telephone calls from 2016 but have no recollection of whether last March you promised the DA you would stop going on TV?” Blanche shot back at Cohen.

Blanche also noted that Cohen had previously expressed his desire to see the former president jailed. The jury was also shown a picture of Cohen’s customized shirts from his podcast store showing Trump in an orange jumpsuit behind bars.

George Washington University law professor Jonathan told Fox News that the convicted purger may have committed perjury again.

“The one thing about yesterday that was striking, is I thought that Michael Cohen may have committed perjury again,” Turley told “America’s Newsroom” co-host Dana Perino. “In my view, one of his answers just made no sense at all. He said that he taped his client, former President Trump, in order to keep David Pecker, the former publisher of the ‘National Enquirer’ honest and make sure he paid. First of all, it made no sense at all why he would do that, Pecker had been in communication with Trump himself, but it didn’t make any sense at all.”

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