Biden Gaslights Americans

Daily Report May 16,2024

President Joe Biden claimed that his administration does not limit consumer choices in the automobile market even though all the evidence points to the contrary.

The Biden administration finalized a rule to increase the percentage of electric vehicles (EVs) sold over the next decade.

“Americans, I want to make this clear, notwithstanding what the other guy is saying, can buy any kind of car they want, whether it is gas, electric or hybrid,” Biden said, referring to the other guy as former President Donald Trump. “But we are never going to allow China to control the market of these cars, period, unfairly.”

Biden has also imposed heavy tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles, batteries, steel, solar cells, and aluminum, saying this would prevent unfair trade practices from holding back American workers.

These tariffs include 100% on electric vehicles, 50% on semiconductors and 25% each on EV batteries from China. In his address to the nation from the White House, Biden said Americans can use the kind of cars they want.

According to Biden, the U.S. wants fair competition with China, not conflict. He also said Washington is in a stronger position to win that economic competition against China. The president also alleged that Chinese state-owned competitors have benefited from the Chinese government’s unfair trade practices.

“For years, the Chinese government has poured state money into Chinese companies across a range of industries: steel and aluminum, semiconductors, electric vehicles, and solar panels, and even critical health equipment, like gloves and masks,” Biden said.

Trump recently slammed the Biden’s administration EV push from a New York City courthouse on Tuesday. The former president noted that the administration is doing all it can to force EVs down everyone’s throats, even though people don’t want them.

Trump also said the EV agenda will harm American workers and provide Chinese companies the opportunity to capitalize on the U.S. market.

The Environmental Protection Agency’sAgency’s (EPA) final tailpipe emissions rule, which aims to cut down current emissions by up to 50%, and a proposed update to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’sAdministration’s (NHTSA) fuel economy would favor EV over gas-powered ones.

These regulations, along with the Biden administration, may increase the costs of gas-powered vehicles, making them less accessible to customers.

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