Biden And Obama Gets Earful   

Daily Report April 15,2024

On Saturday, Rep. Michael Waltz (R-FL) criticized President Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama for their dangerous Middle East policies.

Waltz, while responding to Iran’s recent attack on Israel, told host Jon Scott that the Obama-Biden Middle East policy is an “utter calamity,” before noting that former President Donald had Iran under control.

“There is no other way to describe the Obama-Biden Middle East policy except as a dangerous disaster,” Waltz said. “I mean, this is an utter calamity. Just a few years ago, under President Trump, ISIS was destroyed, Iran was broke and on their back foot and we had the Abraham Accords, and look where we are now.”

Waltz, a former green beret, insisted that the Middle East is reading Biden and Obama’s appeasement strategy towards Iran as a sign of weakness. The Florida lawmaker revealed that the U.S. refusal to pressure the United Nations into sanctioning Iran’s nuclear program led to Saturday’s attack on Israel.

“The Biden Administration that is so focused on what they called de-escalation that it has signaled to the region, and certainly to Iran, that they have room to push, that they can achieve their goals as the Biden administration continues to try to appease and back away and that’s been reinforced,” Waltz added. “Just last year we refused to push the UN to renew sanctions on Iran’s drone and missile program. Now, they are literally flying towards Israel. We have not enforced the oil sanctions, 90% of their oil is being sold to China. We have backed away from our greatest ally, Israel, very publicly.”

Iran launched around 500 attack drones into Israel on Saturday following weeks of tension between both nations.

The Jewish nation was, however, able to stop around 99% of the drones.s before they hit their target. In what many have tagged a victory for Israel, only one casualty was reported.

According to Breitbart News, the only Israeli casualty was an Arab Israeli girl — a Bedouin Muslim hit by shrapnel in the Israeli city of Arad. One Analyst insisted that Saturday’s attack has turned public opinion in favor of Israel after Hamas managed to turn opinions against the Jewish nation.

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