Woke Is Broke !!! Disney’s Elemental Featuring Nonbinary Character Flops

Daily Report June 20,2023

It was a case of “go woke and go broke” for Disney after its latest movie, Elemental, flopped at the box office. The Washington Times reported that Elemental, an animated adventure with a nonbinary character, registered the weakest opening of a Pixar film since 1995.

Elemental reportedly raked in a mere $29.6 million over the weekend. According to Variety, Elemental had the worst start in the modern history of Pixar. The magazine added that Elemental ranks below some of Pixar’s more forgettable movies, such as “The Good Dinosaur” and 2020’s “Onward.” Both movies brought in $39 million each on their opening weekend.

Abby Johnson, founder of the pro-life group “And Then There Were None,” told Disney to go back to entertaining their audience instead of forcing woke indoctrination on them.

“Pixar’s recently released animated film “Elemental” featured a pair of lesbian parents and a ‘non-binary’ character,” tweeted Ms. Johnson. “It bombed at the box office and is Pixar’s lowest performing opening weekend in their entire history.”

Movie reviewer for Worth it or Woke? James James Carrick describes the movie as a Leftist xenophobia allegory with loads of systemic racism built in.

According to the Washington Examiners, top critics at Rotten Tomatoes gave Elemental a 64% rating.

“Depending on where it falls, this could be the lowest-earning opening weekend Pixar has had since Toy Story’s $29 million take in 1995,” a review stated. “Even then, Toy Story’s box office take has not been adjusted for inflation, making Elemental’s box office figures even more disappointing.”

Elemental, an animation that cost $200 million to make and another $100 million in marketing, is an opposite attractive story set in the city of Element. In the city of Element, beings made of water, fire, earth and air live together in harmony. However, fire elementals are treated as second-class citizens due to their destructive nature.

Asides from having a nonbinary character, the movie focused on the perceived racism directed toward fire elements.

In one scene, A fire “immigrant” named Ember Lumen talked about a racist security guard who wouldn’t let her into a museum because of her destructive nature. Reviewers, however, pointed to the fact that the movie’s racism claims are ridiculous because the fire elementals destroy things and are hot-tempered.


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