Whistleblowers claim Hunter  Failed To Pay $125k In Taxes 

Daily Report July 20,2023

More of Hunter Biden’s shady foreign deals and financial malpractices were made public on Wednesday after IRS agent whistleblowers told Congress that the first son failed to pay $125,000 in taxes from the income he received from Ukraine’s Burisma Holdings.

Whistleblowers levied the latest allegation on Hunter while giving testimony before Congress on Wednesday. The whistleblowers told Congress that Hunter refused to pay taxes on the income he received from Burisma while his father, President Joe Biden, was vice president.

Agent Gary Shapley made the revelation while being questioned by Rep. Michael Turner (R-OH).

Shapely confirmed that the government could not legally compel Hunter to pay the $125,000 because federal investigators from the Justice Department have allowed the statutes of limitations to run out.

Shapely revealed that Hunter not only escaped paying the taxes but also escaped any criminal charges in connection to the case.

“That’s correct,” Shapley replied when Turner asked him if the first son escaped any punishment. “And civil and criminal statute limitations have expired for that tax year.”

“So he has in his pocket $125,000 of money that should have gone to the federal government as taxes — when in the state of Ohio you got an average family earning about $62,000 a household — that’s like two full households of tax income that he got to keep in his pocket. The thing I wonder is that he could pay that today. Right? Voluntarily?” Turner asked.

Shapely confirmed that Hunter could pay the $125,000 if he wanted to.

Hunter’s refusal to pay the taxes comes as his father, President Biden, continues to demand that average Americans pay their fair share of taxes.

One of Biden’s first acts as president was to demand more funding so the IRS could hire 87,000 new agents to go after so-called wealthy tax cheats.

“We have to rehire some IRS agents… not to try to make people pay something they don’t owe — just to say, ‘Hey, step up. Step up and pay like everybody else does,” Biden said during the early days of his presidency in 2021. “Look, I really mean this. If you look at my whole career — I come from the corporate state of America — I just think it’s about just paying your fair share for lord’s sake.”

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