Turley- January 6 Protest Not Insurrection or Rebellion 

Daily Report December 23,2023

Fox News Legal analyst Jonathan Turley on Thursday questioned the Colorado Supreme Court decision to kick former President Donald Trump off the state’s election ballot.

Earlier this week, the Colorado Supreme Court barred the former president from the state’s ballot under the provision of the 14th Amendment’s insurrection clause. The court ruled that Trump participated in an insurrection on Jan 6. 2020.

Turley, while on Thursday’s broadcast of Fox News’ “The Story,” maintains that the ruling was “nonsense” and that the January 6 protest was not an insurrection or rebellion.

“It’s nonsense. When I read the 14th Amendment, I see the words insurrection or rebellion. This was neither,” Turley said. “This was a riot. Most people in the public can see it that way. But it’s also not clear that this applies to the office of the presidency. They go through and they enumerate offices that notably does not include the presidency. So there’s a number of elements here that could result in this being overturned, as I expected, will be.”

Turley added that the four Colorado Justices who ruled against Trump adopted “sweeping interpretations” to make the ruling work. The law professor added that the ruling will collapse before the U.S. Supreme Court.

“In order to get to this spot, these four justices had to adopt the most sweeping interpretations at every point in order to make this actually work,” Turley continued. “But I think it’s going to collapse in front of the Supreme Court. And many of us are hoping that they do speak with one voice, that they speak with a voice for all of us, with the exception of what the people that you’ve just played, that you hear, particularly on other networks. Very few citizens are celebrating this, it’s the same core that has always celebrated every effort to bag Trump. And I’m not saying that they’re wrong in their criticism of Trump. What I’m saying is they’re wrong in their means. If you want to defend democracy, practice democracy, and that’s what’s the disconnect that’s happening here.”

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