Tucker Carlson Says Colorado Decision End Of Democracy 

Daily Report December 21,2023

Former Fox News Host and Daily Caller Founder Tucker Carlson on Wednesday maintained that Colorado’s Supreme Court’s decision to kick former President Donald Trump off the state’s ballot signifies the end of America’s democracy.

The court ruled on Wednesday that the former president’s actions on Jan. 6, 3021, amounts to engaging and inciting an insurrection against the United States.

Carlson, while speaking on an episode of the “Tucker Carlson Uncensored, insisted that the January protest was never an insurrection as the protesters had no weapons and didn’t plan to overthrow the government.

“Whatever else January 6 was, and in some ways we still don’t know exactly what it was, it was not a Trump-led insurrection,” Carlson said in a Wednesday monologue. “The crowd had no guns. They had no plan to overthrow the government. Nothing like that has ever emerged. And above all, Trump was not leading it. He was miles away at the White House at the time, where he issued a public statement calling for calm and non-violence. Despite the fact Donald Trump has never been convicted by any court of insurrection, and although the 14th Amendment specifically does not apply to the presidency, Donald Trump cannot run for president because he is an insurrectionist. This seemed like lunacy because it was lunacy… None of this seems very American. All of it looks like the actual end of democracy.”

Former Trump-era Attorney General Bill Barr, in an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, echoed Carlson’s sentiment. The former Trump official, who is now a critic of the former president, said the consequences of the ruling “would be chaos.”

“The practical consequences — put principles aside — the practical consequences of this ruling would be chaos, where you have, essentially there’s no standard, as you pointed out,” Barr said. “It’s sort of mushy. Exactly what is an insurrection? What does engagement mean?” Barr said. “Now, every state is gonna make their own rules on this. Set up their own procedures, you know. Is the proof gonna be beyond a reasonable doubt? Ponderance of the evidence, clear and convincing, substantial evidence? Everyone does a different thing and knocks certain national candidates off ballots? It would be chaos.”

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