Tucker Carlson Reveals Why He Is Always Happy

Daily Report December 05,2023

Former Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson has revealed why he is always happy.

Carlson made the revelation at an event in Tampa, Florida after one of the attendees asked the former Fox News host how he stays happy.

“How do you keep from being jaded, so positive,” the attendee asked, noting that Carlson sees more things and is more exposed than the average person.

Carlson revealed that some of the texts he gets and things he sees in the country affect him negatively. He, however, revealed that he deals with them by staying “Cheerful, positive and clear-headed.”

Carlson revealed that caring about the opinions of people who are not close would bring unhappiness.

“More than anything, I really care about my family. I think it’s worth, like, especially if you have a job where people you don’t know are judging you,” Carlson said, “it is important to remember and repeat it as a mantra that the opinions of people you don’t know mean nothing. And I always think it’s like dogs barking. But actually, when my dogs bark, I care. It’s less than dogs barking.”

Carlson added that the key to happiness is deciding who to give the power of emotional control.

“Never hand emotional control to people who don’t love you,” Carlson said. “It’s like handing a toddler a firearm. Why would you do that? You wouldn’t. You’d be insane. If you just take all of your emotional energy and focus it on the people in your orbit, and if you’re not married with children, focus on, you know, your siblings, your parents, your cousins, your coworkers, your employees. Yes, your dogs. But keep your circle, the circle of people whose opinion you care about, really small. Ignore everybody else and pay very close attention to what they think.”

Carlson revealed that the only opinions he cares about are those of his family members, especially his wife. Carlson revealed that he has handed the power to control his emotions to his wife, children and close associates.

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