Trump Says Biden Funded Saturday Terror Attack On Israel 

Daily Report October 09,2023

Former President Donald Trump blasted his successor President Biden for his actions that aided Saturday’s terror attack on Israel.

Hamas —an Islamic terrorist group— attacked Israel on Saturday as it celebrated the holiday of Simchat Torah on Shabbat. Latest reports show that The attack has left over 700 people, including women and children, feared dead with over 2,300 people injured in the Saturday attack. The attack also saw Hamas militants take several hostages, including women and children.

Trump —during a campaign stop in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Saturday night— blamed Biden for the attack, citing the president’s decision to hand Iran $6 billion in exchange for Five American prisoners.

“I predicted War on Israel immediately after it was announced that Joe Biden gave $6 billion to Iran. They got so much money,” Trump said. “At this time, Israel and the United States need very strong partnership and leadership. You gotta have strong leaders. If you don’t have strong leaders, it doesn’t matter how many army tanks you have.”

Iran is the world’s leading state sponsor of terror attacks and many experts believe that Saturday’s attack would not have happened without funding and support from Iran.

Trump also accused Biden of betraying Israel when the president lifted the Trump-era fund blockade on Palestinian entities.

“In addition to the billions of dollars given to Hamas’s top funder, Iran, Joe Biden restored hundreds of millions of dollars to very corrupt Palestinian entities,” Trump added. “He gave them hundreds of millions of dollars. Many people didn’t even know it. Wonder what deal he made? Joe Biden betrayed Israel, he betrayed our country.”

Trump vowed that, as president, he would stand with Israel and will cut off the money to “Palestinian terrorists” on his first day back in office.

The former president warned that Joe Biden’s incompetence and weakness on the world stage will “lead us into World War Three 100 percent.”

You are closer to World War Three and I can say this. If I’m elected —I’m the only one that can say it— you will never have World War Three. You will not have World War Three.


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