Trump Said Indictment Won’t Stop His 2024 Presidential Bid

Daily Report June 11,2023

President Donald Trump has vowed to continue his bid to win the White House come 2024. Despite facing a federal indictment and a potential conviction, Trump maintained that he will not step down from the 2024 race.

“I’ll never leave,” Trump told Politico on Saturday in an interview on his private plane. “Look, if I would have left, I would have left prior to the original race in 2016. That was a rough one. In theory that was not doable.”

Trump told his supporters at the North Carolina GOP state convention in Greensboro that he believed the indictment was “baseless” and a form of election interference.

“If I wasn’t leading in the polls, we’d have no difficulty,” Trump told the crowd. “We’ve got 5,000 prosecutors after us because they don’t want to run against Trump.”

Trump maintained that the indictment was a misuse of power seen in third-world countries while likening the situation to “Stalinst Russia or communist China.”

“These people have reached a level of Trump derangement syndrome that nobody thought was possible,” Trump added.

Trump is facing 31 counts of alleged violations of the Espionage Act and conspiring to obstruct justice, according to an indictment unsealed on Friday. The unprecedented indictment was unsealed in Miami and marked the first time in the country’s history that a former president would face federal charges.

According to The New York Post, Trump could still legally run for president even if a jury convicts him. The former president has, however, maintained his innocence while claiming that he does not expect to be convicted. Trump told Politico that he does not plan to take a plea deal unless there is a scenario “where they pay me some damages.”

When asked if he would pardon himself if he won the 2024 presidential election, Trump said he had no plans to do so.

“I don’t think I’ll ever have to (pardon himself),” Trump said. “I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Despite the former president’s poll number going up since news of the indictment broke, Trump revealed that he does not like being indicted.

“Nobody wants to be indicted,” said Trump. “I don’t care that my poll numbers went up by a lot. I don’t want to be indicted. I’ve never been indicted. I went through my whole life, now I get indicted every two months. It’s been political.”

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