Trump Jr. Weighs In On White House Cocaine Investigation

Daily Report July 20,2023

Former first son Donald Trump Junior weighed in on the White House cocaine investigation, stating that “it would be a real problem” if his father were still the president.

Trump Jr. told Breitbart News during an exclusive interview at the Turning Point Action Conference in West Palm Beach, Florida, that the cocaine saga would have been treated much differently if former President Donald Trump was still occupying the oval office.

“I have a feeling,” Trump Jr. said when asked how the cocaine incident would have been treated if his father were still president. “I have a feeling that if I was within 1,000 miles of D.C. when cocaine was found, it would be a real problem. But I’d also be in trouble for smoking crack on video. I’d be in trouble for taking a billion from China. I’d be in trouble for taking no-show jobs in Ukraine, influencing our foreign policy.

The former first son criticized the leftist mainstream media for their hypocrisy and silence on the incident. Trump Jr. described that silence from the media as “deafening” while also noting that the media would be asking questions if the cocaine was found in his father’s White House.

Trump Jr. revealed that many Twitter users have tried to blame him for the cocaine found in the White House even though he has not been there in three years. The former first son said he was trying to figure out why anyone would blame him for the cocaine incident.

“But, you know, I guess I’m high energy,” he joked. “Not really cocaine-fueled like Hunter, but you know, they blame me, but the world’s most famous crackhead was there.

Following a brief investigation, the Secret Service announced that it could not find the person responsible for bringing the cocaine into the White House. However, Trump Jr. does not believe the investigation’s result.

“They can’t find anything in the most monitored, most secure facility in the world,” he said. “If you believe that, I got a lot I can sell you.”

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