Trump Gets Rare Defense From CNN Amid Dictator Claims

Daily Report December 07,2023

Former President Donald Trump got a rare defense from CNN after the former president jokingly claimed he would be a dictator for one day.

Trump has been on the receiving end of accusations claiming he would be a dictator if he wins in 2024. Sean Hannity, while hosting a Town Hall event with Trump, asked the former president if he would misuse his power as president and become a dictator. Trump responded jokingly, saying he would be a dictator just for his first day back in office.

“Except for day one,” Trump said. “ I want to close the border and I want to drill, drill, drill. We’re closing the border and we’re drilling, drilling, drilling. After that, I’m not a dictator.”

CNN’s Poppy Harlow and Alayna Treene, in an attempt to paint the former president as a dictator, discussed Trump’s comments without providing any context. Harlow claimed that Trump’s remarks proved that President Joe Biden was right about the former president.

CNN guest and Republican strategist Lee Carter, however, came to Trump’s defense, providing full context to what the former president said.

“Well, to be fair that soundbite, out of context is terrifying, but when you hear what he was trying to say overall, he was kind of, sort of, like, as some communicators do, lean into criticism and say, ‘I’ll only be a dictator in as much as I’m going to close the borders and I’m going to start drilling for oil again, after that, no, I promise you I’m not going to do anything’–” Carter said. “I don’t think that what he meant to say was ‘I’m really going to be a dictator in that moment.’ That’s not what he was saying, he was saying ‘I’m going to be a dictator on day one under these two terms.’ And I think the American people, and certainly his supporters, aren’t going to hear him as saying ‘I was going to be a dictator.’ This is very much like in 2016, everybody said he’s an outsider, he’s got no experience, and he’s like ‘Yeah, I’m an outsider with no experience I’m gonna blow things up in D.C.’ He’s got that kind of a way about him.”


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