Trump and Biden Spar Over Golf Handicaps

Daily Report June 28,2024

‘Not TOO old’ Trump and Biden Say

On Thursday night, during the CNN presidential debate, President Biden and Former President Trump engaged in a heated exchange, but they also hinted at a potential future confrontation. The golf course.


CNN moderator Dana Bash displayed Biden’s and Trump’s ages at the conclusion of a hypothetical second term during the CNN Presidential Debate.


Biden would be eighty-six. Trump would turn eighty-two.


In defense of his age, Biden stated, “I’ve been ridiculed for being the youngest politician for half of my career. Now that I’m the oldest senator ever elected to the US Senate, I was the second youngest ever. This person is far less skilled and three years younger.”


But Trump noted that he had taken two cognitive tests.


We made it public that I aced both of them, as you are aware. He didn’t take any. I hope he gets to take one. He was unable to complete the first five questions and just wanted something really simple. However, I completed two cognitive exams. Every year, I undergo physical examinations, and we make sure that I’m in excellent health by tapping on any available wood,” Trump remarked.


Playing golf for a living, Trump declared Thursday night that he has “won two club championships—not even senior—two regular club championships.”


“To do that, you have to be quite smart and you have to be able to hit the ball a long way and I do it,” Trump stated. “He doesn’t carry it out. A ball cannot be hit 50 yards by him. He said he could play golf with me, but he couldn’t strike the ball 50 yards.”


“I feel like I’m in as good of shape as I was 25 or 30 years ago,” Trump continued. I may even weigh a little less now, but other than that, I look exactly the same as I did years ago. I feel fantastic. I have the same emotions.

However, Biden intervened, offering his assistance and declaring that he would “be happy to have a driving contest.”


“I got my handicap, which when I was vice president, down to a six,” Biden stated. As I mentioned earlier, I’m happy to play golf as long as you provide your own bag. Do you believe you can succeed?”


“That’s the biggest lie, that he’s a six handicap of all,” retorted Trump.


Biden appeared to self-correct when he stated, “I had an eight handicap. Yes. Eighth.”


“You swing, I’ve seen. You know how I feel,” Trump remarked. “Let’s not act like children.”


In response, Biden said, “You are a child.”


Retaliating, Trump said, “Let’s not act like children.”  

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