Transgender Shooter’s Shocking Confession That Claimed Six Lives Last Year

Vanderbilt University Daily Report June 23,2024

A new report concludes that the transgender-identifying shooter who killed six people at a Christian school last year had confessed her homicidal urges to Vanderbilt University Medical Center personnel, but the staff may not have overtly stepped in to prevent the tragedy.

The Tennessee Star obtained Wednesday a “Vandy Psych” file released by a police officer who reviewed documents from the Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital concerning the shooter’s treatment following the event. The patient had been followed by psychiatrists at Vanderbilt for 22 years, according to Murdock.

The document reads: “Thoughts of killing Dad in and struggles with mental health,” the document says. “Recent thoughts of going into a school and shooting a bunch of people… Homicidal thoughts with a plan. Misunderstood and felt like she needed to prove a point.”

Tennessee State Code 33-3-206 requires mental health professionals to “warn of, or take precautions to protect the identified victim from the service recipient’s violent behavior” if “a service recipient has communicated to a qualified mental health professional or behavior analyst an actual threat of bodily harm against a clearly identified victim” and is “likely to carry out the threat.”

It was not immediately evident from the portions of the document that were reported exactly how explicit the admissions by the shooter had been. A source told The Star that Metro Nashville Police Department Chief John Drake privately said he thinks a violation has occurred.

At the time, Tennessee had no criminal penalties associated with its statute, though victims could sue health-care providers for money in civil court — assuming that the statute of limitations hadn’t already expired. A subsequent Tennessee law, however, requires mental health professionals to alert police when there are threats.

An FBI memo also obtained said that Drake reneged on a vow to publish the manifesto of the transgender killer because of pressure from the FBI. Officials, meanwhile, posted that the shooter (whom we are not naming) was not politically motivated and the FBI did not currently consider it domestic terrorism.

“The Covenant matters remains under investigation and detectives are working to bring it to a conclusion,” a police spokeswoman said this past Thursday.

However, a news source obtained portions of the manifesto showing that was not true. Instead, it was clear that her motive was frustration with transgenderism and laws passed by Republicans. The writings even said she’d “kill” to obtain puberty blockers.

A 2018 video released this week by The Daily Wire, for example, revealed VUMC Clinic for Transgender Health Director Dr. Shayne Sebold Taylor telling young doctors that “female-to-male bottom surgeries are “big money-makers” and could be a $100,000 profit center for the hospital before health law expert Ellen Wright Clayton, a pediatrician, added: “If you don’t want to do this kind of work, don’t work at Vanderbilt.”

Tennessee lawmakers responded with a ban on sex-change treatments for minors, but U.S. District Judge Eli Richardson issued a quick injunction ordering enforcement to be partially paused.

The Judge wrote in his ruling that “Dr. Pinson, the Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Chief Health System Officer at VUMC, has testified that ‘[s]hould enforcement of [SB1’s] provisions prohibiting Hormone Therapy be deferred, delayed, or enjoined, VUMC would continue to provide Hormone Therapy consistent with the prevailing standards of care for persons with gender dysphoria to those minor patients of VUMC.’”

A ruling by Richardson was then undone by an appeals court.

In 2023, Tennessee Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti’s office was investigating potential medical billing fraud in relation to transgender treatment by the hospital.

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