Texas Democrat Candidate Accused Of Sending Himself Racist Messages

Daily Report June 17,2024

Taral Patel, a Democrat candidate for Fort Bend Precinct 3 Commissioner in Texas, was arrested for allegedly sending fake hate messages to himself on social media. Patel is accused of impersonating a supporter of his Republican opponent, Andy Meyers, and sending racist and hateful comments to himself over several months.

Patel had previously posted some of the messages, claiming they represented a deep and misguided fear among Republicans.

“As your Democratic candidate for County Commissioner, I am always open to criticism of my policy positions and stances on issues,” Patel said. “However, when my Republican opponents’ supporters decide to hurl racist, anti-immigrant, Hinduphobic, or otherwise disgusting insults at my family, faith community, colleagues, and me that crosses a line.”

An investigation into the case, launched on Meyers’s request, found that Patel used a real resident’s image without consent and he had fabricated the messages. According to Fox News, the investigation was launched last October after Meyers ordered the authorities to look into who was responsible for the hateful comments made to Patel.

The Fort Bend County Republican Party Chairman, Bobby Eberle, condemned Patel’s actions, stating that such tactics should be rejected by all who value integrity in politics. Eberle emphasized that the incident is not partisan and that residents deserve better than leadership.

“Whether Republican or Democrat, such tactics should be unequivocally condemned by all who value integrity and accountability in politics,” Eberle said. “This is not a partisan issue, and the good people of Fort Bend County should be able to trust that when allegations are made, they are sincere.”

Eberle added that Fort Bend County residents deserve better leadership. He added that residents deserved better than someone who would create a fake account and post manufactured racist attacks. He noted that these attacks were intended to turn neighbor against neighbor for political gain.

According to the New York Post, Texas Rangers arrested Patel on Wednesday, charging him with a third-degree online impersonation. Patel was also charged with a felony and a class A misdemeanor charge of misrepresentation of identity.

Patel was briefly held in Fort Bend County Jail before being released on Thursday morning after paying a total of $22,500 in bond. He was also freed on a $20,000 bond for the felony charge and $2,500 for the misdemeanor. His next court appearance is scheduled for July 22.

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